Hi guys, I’ve been working the pages of Chapter 4 but something bothers me about the new format. As you recall, I had previously released some changes to the format of the pages, including the size of the pages. After working several pages, I think I’m not comfortable with the new size. I just do not achieve a good proportion in the art to make me feel balance in the full page, I feel that I can not create harmony in the distribution of images and I have left a lot of space to the sides. Anyway, as I failed to make up  my mind, I think I’ll make an open vote to all readers. The question is: Do you prefer the page size that I have always used (500 x 800) or the new page size (600 x 776)? Which of the two formats would you prefer? Here is an example of each one:  

Option A: 600 x 776 (New)                             Option B: 500 x 800 (old)


The voting is now closed.