Hi folks, its been a long time since I last uploaded content, I apologize for that. As I had said before, I did not want to post pages until I have finished the full new chapter. I decided to significantly increase the quality of my work, the finishing details of the new pages is better than ever, it is no longer done in pencil, but are fully made in computer. That said, I must mention that this was the initial reason why it took me so much time to create new content, however, as I was finishing the new chapter, something unexpected and spectacular happened.

There is a group of very talented people with big plans who also create their own stories in Costa Rica. They are determined to create high quality content and provide an experience for their readers, create universes and deliver real messages. This group is called Empirical Ghosts, and I received the honor of being invited to be part of them. From now on, Diggers will be part of the catalog of this talented organization, and with it come great benefits, both for me as an author, for you as readers and for them as a group. With a full team working in the various disciplines that make up a graphical story, the products that we want to deliver will have a finishing details though to please those who do us the honor of reading our stories.

We are currently working on coloring Diggers, with the help of the talented Josh Hagaren, author of Densetsu no Senshi, and as a reference of what you could expect from this, I leave a scene of my comic already colored. I invite you to follow our stories: Diggers, Densetsu no Senshi and Infinitia. I will leave here the Empirical Ghosts site so you can see a little more about this group: http://empiricalghosts.webs.com/